I am Chief Ali

Bring back your lover with a Love Spell,Protect your Self Against Witchcraft, Boost your business with a spell,Settle any dispute with a spell,Traditional Healing, Contact me: +27-714-151-992

Name: Chief Ali Kibali

Profile: Traditional Healer

Email: zaharazaharat@gmail.com

Phone: +27714151992

Skills and Abilities

Traditional Healing 95%
Bringing Back Lost Love 85%
Settling Disputes 90%
Winning Court Cases 80%
Protection from Witchcraft 95%
Dream Translation 97%
About me

I am a traditional healer with a reputable perfomance over years. This has led to the increase in the number of clients with different cases all over the world.

I have continued to do my job professionally while helping those in need of my help Wherever they. I have helped people with all problems or situation that they have found difficult to handle on their own.

I handle problems or issues that are related to witchcraft, Spiritual attrocities, winning court cases, revenge, finding lost love, finding lost property, boosting businesses, attraction, favour from people, wealth acquisition to name but a few. I work with a mission to improve my clients' lives with a reasonable discounted payment that will blow your mind. Please feel free to contact me for your break through!


I specialize in offering various forms of services such as traditional healings, Spell Casting and spiritual healing solutions tailored to assist you with any challenge you might be facing.

Be Traditionally Healed in 7 Days

My traditional healing powers is guaranteed in 7 days for any sickness. My healing abilities knows no boundaries which means that my healing powers work for all kinds of people and race. 100% Cash back if results dont show.

Bring back your Lost Love in 24 hrs

I bring back lost love within 24 hours and services can only be paid for after a success. I am well endowled with the gift of bringing back lost love and helping you find your love by casting a love spell. If you have lost your loved one consider contacting me.

Boost your Business in 7 days

I boost businesses of any kind with in short period of time. With my business boost spell, you are able to see results in 7 days. I help to boost businesses at different levels including start-up as well as those struggling, to attract customers and protect your business from witch-craft. With this business boost spell, you can only pay after realizing results.

Get 30% Discount on Dream Translation

I translate dreams instantly. With this, you dont need to wait longer. This is a gift that can only be intepreted by those who have it. I am giving discounted rates of 30% to a limited number of clients. Contact us today and grab your discounts. 100% Cash Back

Protection from Witchraft

My Protection from witchcraft spell takes effect immediately. People have had a lot of enermies that are against them irrespective of their financial status. Well I am here to help you protect your self, family and businesses from witchcraft.

Settling Disputes in 24hrs

I settle disputes using spells. My spell works within 24 hourS and payments can only be done after a success. If you want to settle a despute with your rivals? do not look further because you are at the right place. I do this by casting a spell that is tailored at settling disputes. Please contact us today and have your disputes resolved.

Get 30% discount on Palm Reading

I use hands to learn more about you from childhood and to tell your future as it is one of the most common methods of communicating with the divine. I am also offering this at a discounted rate of 30%

Attraction spell in 48 hours

My attraction spell works within 48 hours. However, when things do not work inline with your expectations, I guarantee 100% money cash back within 14 days and since results varrie from person to person, payment can also be made after the service has been delivered.

Success Spell in 14 days

Success spell has worked for 97% of my clients at relatively affordable price which is paid upon a successful result. The spell takes effect within a period of 14 days. Grab your success today by contacting us.











Marriage Spell

See more ideas about Marriage Spell

The purpose of marriage spell is to keep your marriage. You can get married with the love of your life using marriage spells. Marriage spells also fix marriage problems and fore telling a divorce. You can also make your lover committed to your marriage with marriage dedication love spells. My spiritual calling permits me to assist people with different backgrounds and nationalities. Contact us today and to settle your marriage.


See more ideas about Witchraft

Witchcraft (or witchery) is the practice of magical skills and abilities. It involves invocation of alleged supernatural powers to control people or events, practices typically involving sorcery or magic.
When handling witchcraft cases, I use my concentration power with incantation to achieve whatever I want. A rival could cause irreparable damage if not dealt with. So if you feel someone is standing in the way of your happiness, let me help you to neutralize them.


See more ideas about Attraction Spells

Attraction is what every young and old people want irrespective of your financial status. Attraction spell is said purposely to attract a lover and make them desire you. Whether you want to be reunited with an ex lover or find a new lover, attraction spell is here to get you sorted forever. You may also want to increase the attraction between you and your lover using attraction spells. Contact me today for a powerful attraction spells.